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In today's era of rapid development of industrialization, plastic moulds have become an indispensable part of the industrial age. So today we are going to talk about the surface treatment commonly used in injection molds.


A smooth polishing method, which is achieved mainly by cutting and plastic deformation of the material surface to remove the polished convex part. The general use of whetstone, wool wheel, sandpaper, etc., mainly by hand operation.

2.Thin Fire Texture

After machining by electric spark machine, the plastic mold is left with a grain. Generally, the electrode is not deliberately processed with fire patterns, because the cost is higher.


The sprayed mold and the mold with the film attached are soaked in the adjusted chemical potion, and the bright color part of the mold is corroded, and the surface of the mold is black after corrosion.


Is the use of electrolysis of metal or alloy deposited on the surface of the workpiece, in order to form a uniform, dense, good bonding force of the metal layer process, this is electroplating.

5.Sand Blasting
Sandblasting is a kind of workpiece surface treatment process, using compressed air as power, in order to form a high-speed jet to spray the spraying material to the workpiece surface to be processed, so that the surface of the workpiece surface or shape change.