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Specialize in manufacturing injection mould&molded parts more than 20 years.

As you all know, plastic mold design is the one of the most important link in the process of plastic mold manufacturing, mould manufacturing is forward, directly affect the plastic mould manufacturing quality and cost, detail decides success or failure, our precision mould design engineer after many years of experience in mold design, plastic injection mold design to summarize some points for attention:

1. Plastic mold parting line, first of all to confirm the position of the mold parting line, parting line including upper and lower mold parting line, line parting line, inclined top parting line, etc., check whether the parting line on the appearance of plastic products is affected, timely communication and improvement.

2. The wall thickness of plastic products, check the wall thickness of plastic products, normally cannot exceed 3.5-4mm, check whether the wall thickness of plastic products is uniform.

3. Plastic product release Angle, check the plastic product release Angle, according to the requirements of plastic products, reasonable setting of plastic product release Angle size.