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Plastic mold polishing needs step by step, step by step to carry out the operation, first need to use from rough to fine stone, corresponding processing, after the last step, and then from rough sandpaper step by step to fine sandpaper, and then need to use different types of diamond smoke grinding paste from rough to fine polishing.

Mirror polishing also involves use of things together, the rough machining, polishing technology personnel on oil stone usage and strength are the corresponding technical requirements, mobile azimuth wants even, not clean up the trench, sand paper is using the high quality demand, and softwood and hardwood wood is also points about grinding, coarse grinding is usually USES the hardwood, And polishing is the relative demand for the use of cork, and then imported diamond grinding polishing paste to reach the role of the mirror.

Plastic injection mold to consider the elements: injection cost, according to the size of the machine how much money per beer, and then recognize the product placement method and hole number. The more the number of mold, the lower the injection cost. Because in injection molding plus cost, cost accounting is according to beer accounting. Product appearance, according to the product appearance requirements, admit the parting surface. The orientation of parting surface should be conducive to mold processing, exhaust, demoulding, etc. The more products there are, the greater the risk of cosmetic problems. The nozzle method recognizes the shape, size, and exhaust orientation of the trunk and shunt channels. Hot runner mold cost is high, but save nozzle cost. Each has advantages and disadvantages, how to see the user trade-offs. Product demoulding, recognize the ejection method and placement of the thimble position, the more ejection position, the higher the cost of the mold.