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Specialize in manufacturing injection mould&molded parts more than 20 years.

Injection moulds are almost batch forming in the process of injection processing. At this time, the processing method and process of injection moulds are particularly important. If they are not processed according to the requirements of the rules, it is likely to damage the injection moulds. To this end, Changzhou Ming chuang plastic industry provides injection mold processing method process analysis: generally, do not need to dry materials. In some cases, they bake for 2 hours at 80 ° C; Forming temperature scale, heating, melting, curing speed, forming cycle is generally short; Temperature parameters: the barrel temperature is about 200℃, the material temperature is too high, easy to appear silver wire, the material temperature is too low, resulting in poor transparency.

Injection mold temperature control: the mold temperature is generally 50-80℃; GPPS has good fluidity, do not need to impose high pressure in beer plastic (general injection pressure is about 10Mpa), avoid excessive and add internal stress of rubber parts - may cause cracking (especially after paint decoration) treatment; Appropriately increasing the injection speed can weaken the watermarking, but because the injection pressure greatly affects the injection speed, too high a speed may lead to problems such as sticking to the mold during ejection or demudging and white cracks during ejection.

Appropriate back pressure: if the back pressure is too low, the screw is easy to overflow into the air, the density of the particles in the barrel is very small, the plasticizing effect of rubber particles is not good, affecting the apparent quality. Rubber parts (back pressure is generally 10-20kg/cm2); G) Molds are generally designed with 0.8-1.0mm fine nozzles. H) Glass fiber reinforced PS-GF30, barrel temperature 180-275, mold temperature 20-80, shortening rate 0.1-0.2. The density is 1.29 / cm3.