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Injection molding is a fairly complex process. It should be involved in physical and chemical and other expertise. Therefore, we must pay special attention. Otherwise, it will produce a lot of defects, which will affect the normal efficiency of plastic parts processing. . Some problems in the process of injection molding do you need special attention? The following South Asia TEDA injection molds will introduce several issues that should be paid attention to in injection molding.

1. Injection speed

The quick slowness of injection has an important impact on the final appearance quality of the product. The injection speed generally needs to be achieved by adjusting the oil supply oil in the injection of the cylinder through the adjustment unit time.

2. Molding cycle

This also includes injection molding time and product cooling time, and effective control of these times has a profound impact on the quality of the product. Two-color mold manufacturers should clear the product forming cycle through the model and other methods of the sample before injection molding.

3. Base tube temperature and melt temperature

The melt temperature can be measured or using an air injection method, and the melt temperature is mainly used for the flow properties of the melt. There is no specific melting point of the plastic, and the so-called melting point is a temperature segment in a melting state. The temperature control of these two plays a crucial role in the quality of the product.

4. Melting plastic injection pressure

Plastic is facing a large resistance in the process of full-mold cavity, which makes the size of the injection pressure directly determines the size, weight, density, appearance, etc. of the product! The product is a scrapped in any factor. Taste. This is a need for a two-color mold manufacturer injection engineer to reasonably define injection pressure control based on the comprehensive factors of the product.