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Different from the portion of the bubbles appearing on the plastic mold product, the cause of the cause is different:
First, the cause analysis of the phenomenon of phenomenon in the thick parts of plastic products:
1, the molding shrinkage is large;
2, the fluidity of the rubber is too strong;
3, the rubber pressure is too low;
4, the speed of turning from the rubber to pressure is too fast;
5, the holding pressure is too low;
6, the spatant speed is too slow;
7, the temperature is too low;
8, the diameter of the injection or flow path is too small;

Second, there is a small bubble phenomenon on the plastic mold product, the main reasons are as follows:
1, the rubber is dry and dry;
2, the thermal sensitivity of the rubber or additive;
3, the screw back pressure is too low;
4, the rubber is reopened in the bucket too long;
5, the bottom of the hopper is easy to cool;
6, the diameter of the injection or flow path is too small.

Third, the bubbles on the transparent article of the plastic mold - this is necessary to clear:
Bubble: Due to excessive inflation in the mellation, the gas is residual in the plastic parts, and is small or large, and the difference should be different.
Cause Analysis:
1. Raw water moisture, solvent or volatile;
2, the temperature is high, long heating, plastic degradation decomposition;
3, small injection pressure;
4, the plunger or screw returns too early;
5, the mold exhaust;
6, low mode temperature;
7, the injection speed is too fast;
8. There is water, oil or release agents in the mold cavity;
9, the material is too thin, not there or small back pressure, the tube is high, the temperature is high, and the feed is mixed into the air or reflow the incoming.
10, the design of the plastic parts is poorly designed, and there is a gas dead angle.