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Gas auxiliary injection molding system, this advanced system and technology, is to directly inject nitrogen into the plastic plastic in the mold cavity via the segmented pressure control system, causing the internal expansion surface of the plastic parts, but still maintain the shape of the product surface Intact.

The application of gas-assisted injection molding technology in plastic molds is as follows:
1) Save plastic raw materials, can save up to 50%;
2) Shorten product production cycle time;
3) Reduce the locking pressure of the injection molding machine, can be as high as 60%;
4) Improve the work life of the injection molding machine;
5) Reduce the pressure in the mold cavity to reduce the loss of the mold and improve the T works of the mold;
6) Aluminum metal materials can be used for certain plastic products;
7) Reduce the internal stress of the product;
8) Solve and eliminate product surface shrinkage problems;
9) Simplify product cumbersome design;
10) Reduce the power consumption of the injection molding machine;
11) Reduce investment costs of injection molding machines and open molds;
12) Reduce production costs;

Gas assist in injection technology, can be applied to a variety of plastic products such as TV or audio shells, automotive plastic products, home, bathroom, cupboard, home appliances, daily necessities, all types of plastic boxes and toys, etc. Gas-assisted injection molding techniques must be widely used in the injection molding industry. At the same time, in the plastic mold, gas-assisted injection technology is applied, and there is a certain requirement for the outside world and its own materials.

First, gas assisted injection molded materials corresponding materials:
Basically all thermoplastics (strengthening or not strengthened) for injection molding, and general engineering plastics (such as PPS, PAI, PES) are suitable for gas-assisted injection molding.

Second, gas-assisted injection technology must pass computer-assisted simulation analysis:
1) Prevent it from being difficult to ensure the average of gas filling;
2) Prevent the surface of the gas into the surface;
3) Sleepy gas is extrusion characteristics and plays an important role in the pressing stage. Therefore, with a computer-aided simulation analysis, it can ensure a more accurate prediction of plastic distribution and mold filling;

Third, gas-assisted injection molding requirements for injection molding machine system equipment:
Basically, gas-assisted injection molding systems can cooperate with different brands of the world, as long as they are equipped with these injection molding machines:

1) Bringing the tetrans to prevent high pressure gas from run into the screw of the injection molding machine;
2) The screw stroke of the injection molding machine is equipped with an electronic foot stroke switch to trigger the signal to the gas-assisted primary system, thereby incident high pressure nitrogen injection into the cavity;