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Specialize in manufacturing injection mould&molded parts more than 20 years.

(1) Craft analysis of plastic parts
(2) determine the selection and molding process of molding equipment
(3) injection molding process analysis and structural design of injection molds
(4) the size of the plastic mold design

1. Modified parts size calculation
2. Mechanical calculation of forming parts
3. Determine the size of the part of the core mechanism
4. Plastic mold parts design
(5) Calibration of the parameters of the injection machine
1. Determination and checking of plastic mold closed height
2. Plastic mold opening stroke review
(6) thermal balance calculation
(7) the preparation of the main parts processing process of plastic mold
(8) comprehensive audit, put production and development
(9) test mode and modem
(10) organizing data for archiving