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1. The injection mold structure should be reasonable. According to the drawings and technical requirements of the plastic parts, research and select the appropriate molding method and equipment, combined with the machining capacity of the factory, propose an injection mold structure plan, fully solicited opinions, analyze discussions, in order to design the injection mold structure Reasonable, reliable quality, convenient operation. If necessary, according to the need for injection molding and processing, the requirements for modifying the drawings of the plastic parts are proposed, but the user can be implemented after the user can be implemented.
2, the size of the injection molded parts should be correct. The molded part is to determine the direct factors of the shape, size and surface quality of the plastic parts, and the relationship is very large, special attention. The average shrinkage method can generally be used when calculating the molded parts size. Plastic parts with high precision and need to control the amount of modulus, can be calculated according to the tolerance belt, for large precision plastic parts, as far as possible, the method of measurement of the plastic parts in different directions is calculated in different directions. Make up the influence of certain factors that are difficult to consider theory.
3. The design of the injection mold should be easily manufactured. When designing injection molding, try to make the design of injection molding molding, cheap. Especially for those complicated molded parts, must consider using a general machining method or by special processing methods. If a special processing method is used, then how to assemble after processing, similar problems need to be considered and resolved during design injection molding, and should also take into account the modulation after the test mold, there should be sufficient modified margin.
4. The design of the injection mold should be high and safe and reliable. This requirement involves many aspects of injection molding, such as pouring systems, closed modules, temperature-conditioned Western effects, and the demolding mechanism is flexible and reliable.
5. The injection mold parts should be wear-resistant. The durability of injection molding parts affects the service life of the entire injection mold, so it should not only put forward the necessary requirements of its materials, processing methods, heat treatment, etc. when designing such parts, not only the push column, which is like the push rod, is easy to close. Bend, broken, therefore caused by most of the injection molding failure. To this end how convenient adjustment and replacement, you need to pay attention to the life of the parts and injection molding.
6. The injection mold structure should be adapted to the molding characteristics of the plastic. When designing injection molding, it should be fully understood that the molding characteristics of the plastics used are also allowed to meet the requirements, which is also an important measure to obtain high quality plastic parts.