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Specialize in manufacturing injection mould&molded parts more than 20 years.

First of all, PC material characteristics of high definition, good fracture toughness, stress resistance, wide range of application temperature, PC process characteristics are: melting viscosity requirements of cutting rate is small, and the requirements of temperature, no significant solution point, melting body viscosity is high, high temperature PC material and hydrolysis reaction, injection PC products will be easy to crack.

Injection PC products in forming production and processing before the development of adequate dry drive to solve, so that the moisture content of the manipulation in the following 0.02, in addition, in the production process of PC material should also use heat insulation measures to prevent moisture absorption again.

And not only should there be injection PC product design scheme, but also should properly grasp the forming process, such as improving the temperature of abrasive tools, post-processing of injection PC products can reduce or clear heat stress. Adjust the main parameters of the process immediately according to the different situation of the goods.