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Specialize in manufacturing injection mould&molded parts more than 20 years.

In the production of plastic parts when the main reason is bad mold injection, industrial raw materials and other aspects, if the mold processing is bad, such as scars, wear, rough and other insufficient, it will be reflected in the plastic parts, plastic parts on poor luster. This plastic mold injection processing factory to carefully process the mold, so that the mold cavity surface does not have rough, when necessary to the mold can be polished chrome plating.

How can abs injection molding parts be produced by plastic mold injection processing factory to increase brightness?

When producing products in plastic mold injection processing plants, if it is the raw material, it may also be the difference between pigments, so that the product is difficult to uniform, so that the gloss is poor, which should reduce the addition of recycled material or nozzle material. Some raw materials will lead to poor luster in temperature regulation, so raw materials with better temperature tolerance should be selected. Or when plastic mold injection processing plants reduce costs, they use raw materials mixed with foreign bodies. If foreign bodies are evenly miscible with raw materials, which leads to poor viewers, these materials should be excluded in advance.Can improve the gloss of the product.