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What factors cause the lack of luster in mold products processing?

In the processing of die products, what are the reasons for the large surface roughness and lack of gloss? Below our factory from the mold processing equipment, injection mold, plastic mold, mold processing technology and raw materials to give you a good analysis.
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A common way to polish an injection mold

In the production process of injection molds, polishing is a very important process in the production process. After all, with the increasing use of plastic products, people will also have higher and higher requirements for the appearance and quality of plastic products. Therefore, for our injection molds The surface polishing quality of the cavity should also be improved accordingly, so let\'s take a look at several common polishing methods in injection molds!
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Design principles of plastic product structure

1. Structural design should be reasonable, assembly should be reasonable, all plug-in structure should have clearance, to ensure enough strength and stiffness. And properly designed reasonable safety factor. 2. The structural design of plastic parts should consider the manufacturability of molds and simplify the manufacturing of molds as far as possible. 3. The structure of plastic parts should consider the plasticity, that is, the injection molding production efficiency of parts should be high, and the waste rate of injection molding should be reduced as far as possible.
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Which industries are moulds widely used in?

Mold, a variety of molds and tools used in industrial production for injection molding, blow molding, extrusion, die casting or forging, smelting, stamping and other methods to obtain the required products. In short, a mold is a tool used to make a molded object. This tool is made up of various parts, and different molds are made up of different parts. It is mainly through the change of the physical state of the forming material to achieve the processing of the shape of goods, known as the \"mother of industry\" title.
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The three key factors that affect the cost of molds have nothing to do with materials!

Today, I share with my peers how to reduce the comprehensive cost of the mold by preliminary evaluation ESI, mold design and mold engineering management. I always believe that the three key factors affecting the cost of the mold are: preliminary product feasibility evaluation ESI, mold design and mold engineering management. Why are these three key factors? It\'s not that the others aren\'t important. Because these three are the key to mold technology, is the most critical factor to measure the technical ability of a mold factory. Mould materials, tools, machine rates, depreciation and other costs of each enterprise are almost the same, the price is almost transparent, cost compression space is limited.
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Development trend of injection molded products

With the further popularization of plastic as engineering structural materials, the use of injection molded products has been expanded to various fields of national economy, and will gradually replace the traditional metal and non-metal products. From the above molding technology development and application status to analyze it is not difficult to conclude that injection molding products will have the following development trends.
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The process analysis of injection mold processing

Injection mold is simply batch molding in the process of injection molding processing. At this time, the injection mold processing method and process are particularly important. Without processing in accordance with the requirements of the rules, it is likely to damage the injection mold. To this end, Changzhou Mingchuang plastic industry provides injection mold processing method flow analysis: general, do not need to dry material.
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