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Polishing technique of plastic mould and its influencing factors

Plastic mold polishing needs step by step, step by step to carry out the operation, first need to use from rough to fine stone, corresponding processing, after the last step, and then from rough sandpaper step by step to fine sandpaper, and then need to use different types of diamond smoke grinding paste from rough to fine polishing.
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These seven tips can effectively solve the common defects in mold processing

Mold in the process of processing, let us most worry about some common defects, these defects will directly lead to the performance of the workpiece, and even lead to the workpiece can not be used in this, so we are in mold processing, must try to avoid some defects, the following for this problem to provide seven magic weapons.
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Temperature control for injection molding of plastic mould

Plastic mold processing and injection molding in the temperature control to occupy a very important part of, it can decided to make the product is good or bad, to big say is even if you do it to the customer, but also will lose the customer trust in you, and cause the loss of the company, went to a small, said it doesn\'t matter big deal redo, they don\'t, but you must remember that these are in the waste of resources of the company.
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Basic design principle of mould

Because different molding moulds have been applied in many fields, and the manufacturing technology of professional moulds has also changed and developed in these years, so in this part, the general design rules of vacuum blister molding moulds are summarized.
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How to do bubbles appear in injection products?

In the injection molding products injection molding products are air bubbles is a lot of people in the problems in production and processing, in general, some of the reasons for such problems, but if cannot be handled timely, will not only make plastic molding bad, also may produce more defects, so, when in injection molding products are air bubbles, must be timely solve.
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Precision of plastic mold processing

Methods to ensure and improve machining accuracy can be summarized as follows:
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Plastic mold design matters needing attention

As you all know, plastic mold design is the one of the most important link in the process of plastic mold manufacturing, mould manufacturing is forward, directly affect the plastic mould manufacturing quality and cost, detail decides success or failure, our precision mould design engineer after many years of experience in mold design, plastic injection mold design to summarize some points for attention.
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Design of thimble for plastic mold

All the plastic mold designers know that in the injection molding production process of plastic mold, there are many ways to make the product out of the ejection, among which the most commonly used and most economical is the ejection of the thimble to separate the plastic product from the mold. The position and number of ejection thimble of plastic mold products are generally determined according to the structure of the product.
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The surface treatment process commonly used for plastic moulds

In today\'s era of rapid development of industrialization, plastic moulds have become an indispensable part of the industrial age. So today we are going to talk about the surface treatment commonly used in injection molds.
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Plastic mold processing mold temperature control method

Plastic mold processing from plastic into the mold in addition to through the heat radiation, the heat flow out of the mold. Most of the heat is carried out of the mold by means of heat conduction by circulating heat transfer medium. Heat transfer medium includes water, oil, etc.
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